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Live Information System SRL, is an innovative start-up. Founded in Ancona, in close collaboration with the Marche Polytechnic University, was born with the aim of digitalizing the AECO sector through the elevated Know How of the team in IoT and AECO, offering a series of cloud services (SaaS / XaaS)

Certified BIM Managment System.

Full traceability and data integrity for you digital model.

Building Monitor

Monitoring and control system connected with any BIM model


Live Information System's Team is available to customize the system based on client's needs.

Data & AI

AI Optimization & AI enhancement for any BIM model. Data clustering and data analysis. Sensors connected with BIM


Main priority of LIS system is to provide fast and reliable data of smart buildings compared to it's competitors.


App mobile for iOS and android support.

An Operating System for smart buildings.

Certified BIM Management System
Monitoring and control system for any BMS
AI Optimization and enhancement

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Our Team

Meet our dedicated team driving BIM innovation.

Prof. Gian Marco Revel


Prof. Marco Arnesano


Rifat Seferi

Vice President

Ledian Goxhobelli


Iris Agalliu


Luigi La Sala

AECO - BIM Engineer

Abdel Bihi

AECO - BIM Engineer

Sergio Galletto

Hardware & IoT

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